#27 First Publication!

I’ve just published my fictional work for the first time! Click the link to read the free chapter. (Please note that “Chlia Chronicles” is only a *code name* for the trilogy coming to hands and tablets near you soon!)



#21: First Post in a Year!

It’s been a year since I blogged.

I needed privacy and space as I dealt with cancer. It’s a beautiful testimony—and trust me, I plan on USING it—but this post is about the new direction this writing ministry is taking and updates on what’s to come.

Book I of the trilogy is ready to publish, even the cover. We are waiting on final edits for the last pieces (book and author blurbs). Then we finalize sizing on the cover’s spine, purchase the ISBN, double-check my notes file, and it’s go time!

I intend to post free content from (or inspired by) the trilogy here. Maybe the first chapter, deleted scenes, or events written from another character’s point of view that isn’t in the novels. Check back soon!

A post will be coming on my testimony through cancer, and how the Lord saved my life (more than once). I can’t promise exactly when it will be published, only that it will be when the time is right.

As a result of summarizing a 70,000-word story into 150 words (and an eventful text message encounter), I’ve found sometimes less is more—especially with words. Instead of trying to “teach,” these messages may become more quick and inspirational.

Jesus is my Savior and it is through Him alone that my salvation is possible, but I might be posting more about Judaism. (Remember Jesus was a Jew.) Stay tuned . . .

Overall, I’m excited to release the first book! It gave me hope and firm reminders to continue seeking the Lord when I was going through a dark storm, and I pray it helps others seek our Creator. He, after all, is the One Who gave me this tale to tell. He is the source of every pure and beautiful story.

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